RTX 3070, 3090, Radeon GPUs restocked in latest Newegg Shuffle

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If you're looking for some hard-to-find PC gaming hardware at the moment (as so many people seem to be), then you might want to have a look at Newegg right now. The company is hosting another Newegg Shuffle today, giving people the chance to buy in-demand hardware without having to race through check out. As we detailed last week, Newegg Shuffle is more or less a lottery where people pick out items they'd like to buy and then Newegg selects a certain number of shoppers to complete their orders.

Unfortunately, while last week's Shuffle included a PlayStation 5 bundle, there are no next-gen consoles available here. Today it's all about PC gaming, with Ryzen 5 5600X and Ryzen 7 5800X CPUs listed alongside a number of graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD in stock. There are, for instance, RTX 3070 cards from EVGA and MSI available, RTX 3090s from EVGA and ASUS ROG, a Radeon RX 6800 from PowerColor, and Radeon RX 6900 XTs from both PowerColor and Sapphire.

Those Radeon cards in particular are nice to see, as they were absent from last week's Newegg Shuffle. If you're interested in entering the lottery, you'll first need to select the items you're interested in buying by 1PM PST today – that's about an hour and a half from the time of this writing. Newegg will then draw the winners at 2PM PST, and those who are selected will have from 3PM PST to 7PM PST to complete their orders.

Be aware that some of these products are only available in bundles, while others might be more expensive than anticipated thanks to recent price hikes from card manufacturers. The RTX 3070, for instance, will run you at least $700 through Newegg Shuffle, which is a difficult price for those who were hoping to snag one at $500 – the price that NVIDIA introduced the 3070 at.

Over on Newegg's Twitter, the company says that it is testing a beta version of the Shuffle system that will "randomly select customers to be able to purchase." In response to a reply, the company also says that it deploys CAPTCHA when bot activity was detected, meaning that regular shoppers typically won't see it. We'll keep our eyes peeled for details on the next Newegg Shuffle, so stay tuned.