RSS app Reeder 3 for Mac update teased

While the technology behind RSS hasn't changed in years, and its use may sometimes appear to be on the decline with services like Twitter often being used for website updates, the shutdown of Google Reader in 2013 showed there is still a widespread desire for a RSS syncing service. In the wake of Google Reader, services like Feedly and Feedbin rose to prominence, and with them the client Reeder was updated to version 2 to take advantage of more services. Now it looks version 3 of the Mac app is on its way, with an overhaul to match the changes brought about by OS X Yosemite.

Reeder teased via their Twitter account yesterday that Reeder 3 was in the works, although there is no confirmed release date. Included was a screenshot that reveals a transparent sidebar, a key design change to match the overall look of Yosemite, as well as a toolbar that will appear much more familiar to users of the iOS version of Reeder.

While the design changes to Reeder 3 will be pleasing to those who like OS X Yosemite, even better for current users of the app is that the new update will be free. The latest version of the Reeder app for Mac (2.5.3) is currently priced at $9.99, so anyone who purchases now will treated to the new version upon its release.

While Reeder says work still needs to be done on version 3, and we may not see it finished for some time, version 2 of the app remains one of the most popular and highly rated RSS clients available for Mac. The app supports a long list of synching services, and is even featured in Apple's "essentials" collection.

SOURCE Reeder/Twitter