RSA Security SecurID tokens will be replaced for most users

If you work in a corporate environment where you have to be able to access secure business networks from hotels or client offices you might be familiar with the RSA SecurID tokens. The tokens are designed to generate random numbers that are able to log the user onto the corporate network from anywhere securely and without the ability for an unauthorized user to gain access. For a long time the RSA SecurID tokens have been marketed as virtually impossible to hack.

That virtual impossibility has come true with the tokens hacked in what RSA says is clearly an attempt to gain access to top-secret defense and company websites. Stolen tokens were used to gain access to the Lockheed Martin network already. RSA's executive chairman Arthur Coviello has said that the company is working with defense contractors and military companies to replace their tokens with new versions that haven't been cracked on an accelerated time table.,

However, RSA has noted that it will be replacing the tokens used in non-military or defense corporate networks as well. The hack of the tokens long marketed as very secure against hacking will certainly hurt the perception of the company, but the replacement of all tokens will go a long way towards making customers feel better. I hope that the new tokens are harder for nefarious types to hack than the old ones.

[via Techeye]