RS-1: Compact Detachable Roller Skates

Remember those roller shoes that were pretty hot, you know the ones where you see kids gliding about on what looked deceptively like a normal pair of sneakers? You were tempted to get one yourself but feared ridicule from your coworkers? Remember? Yeah, well those were pretty nifty, but now we've got something perhaps even better. In Seoul, SUNO O ENS presents to us the new detachable roller skate called the RS-1.

They provide greater convenience in mobility and choice. Not only are they easier to carry around than traditional skates but also you can put them over whatever shoes or sneakers you already own. Plus, when you don't feel like rolling around anymore, you can just take them off to return to your normal walking platform. Expected to be available in Korea next January for 115,000KRW (around US$125).

A compact detachable roller skate 'RS-1' [Via: Aving]