Rooted EVO 4G users can get WiFi/Bluetooth tether with new app

The HTC EVO 4G launched Friday on the Sprint network and destroyed the sales records for past Sprint handsets. It didn't take long at all after the handset was launched for it to get cracked with a root solution in only a few hours post launch using the su tool.

If you are one of the EVO 4G users that has already rooted the handset, you can grab an app that allows unlimited WiFi and Bluetooth tethering. The app is called Wireless Tether for Root users and obviously to enjoy you have to root the handset.

Once the EVO is rooted, grab the app in version 2.02.pre14 or higher here. The developers do point out that the Sprint tether app supports WPA/WPA2 whereas the free app doesn't. However, $30 monthly for Sprint tether app versus free will offset that for many users.