Room 77 Finds You The Best Hotel Room, Not Just Best Hotel

Rue Liu - Feb 24, 2011
Room 77 Finds You The Best Hotel Room, Not Just Best Hotel

Travel planning is being kicked up a notch. Instead of just searching for the best hotel, you can now search for the best hotel room. A startup by the name Room 77 is building a database of more than 425,000 hotel rooms at 2500 properties with information such as room category, square footage, bed type, and even proximity to an elevator. But most interestingly, is its tie in with Google Earth to bring you Room View, which simulates the actual view you would see from a particular hotel room.

Before you start thinking that this is just another crowdsourced review platform, it’s not. Most of the work is being done by Room 77’s staff and the integration of Room View really sets it apart. And an special algorithm is used to rank rooms based on how well they match your preferences. So if you had the Room 77 iPhone app and you’re checking in at the front desk of a hotel, you can instantly search the room they assign you to see if you may need to make a swap.

“All hotel rooms are not created equal, and we’ve built Room 77 to open up room data and give travelers more control in getting a great room,” said Brad Gerstner, founder and chairman. “Travelers have several options that rate and review hotels, but until now there’s nothing that breaks down hotel rooms even though the room is a critical part of the experience.”

[via Venture Beat]

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