Rolls-Royce Dawn Silver Bullet Roadster is inspired by the '20s

Rolls-Royce has a new roadster that it has unveiled in artwork that obscures some of the design of the car. The vehicle is called the Rolls-Royce Dawn Silver Bullet Roadster, and it's a car that is inspired by the spirit of the roaring twenties. The ride also represents the first Collection Car of the new decade.

Rolls says that the Dawn Silver Bullet Collection is an ode to "decadence, to frivolity, to heydays and irreverent pastimes." The car gets inspiration from roadsters of the 1920s but has a "bold, contemporary expression" that is designed for today's non-conformists and pleasure-seekers.

Only 50 of the cars will be built and offered globally. Rolls says that the car has a newly commissioned ultra-metallic bespoke paint finish called Brewster Silver. One key aspect of the vehicle is the Aero Cowling that "shifts the persona of the car's high-shouldered silhouette." The Aero Cowling has a center spine that brings the bodywork into the cabin of the car.

The ride is a true two-seater and has a vapor-blasted titanium finisher that completes the aero cowling windbreak. The car has dark exterior detailing and dark headlights along with a new dark front bumper finisher that contrasts the Brewster Silver paint. The wheels are part-polished and have a translucent shadow finish with a single silver pinstripe.

The interior is every bit of luxury you expect of a Rolls-Royce car. It has open-pore carbon fiber fascia and a quilted transmission tunnel. The car will offer "epic road-trips for owners" made available via the Whispers app. Pricing is unannounced, and it's unclear when the vehicle might launch with real images to check out.