Roku's new Live TV Channel Guide is a portal to free television

Roku has introduced a new Live TV Channel Guide feature that makes it easier for users to find live content using a familiar, traditional channel guide. The feature was introduced on Monday alongside the expansion of The Roku Channel's free live and linear channel lineup to a total of more than 100 channels, at least in the US. The channel guide makes it easier to sort through this content.

The Roku Channel, for those still unfamiliar with the offering, is a free streaming service that is available through Roku devices, as well as online in a browser. Anyone can access the content on their laptop or tablet; users don't need an account nor a Roku device to stream the videos. If you do have a Roku device, however, you can directly access The Roku Channel on your TV.

Users can access the free streaming content in The Roku Channel, plus there's the option of adding premium subscriptions for major services like HBO, Showtime, EPIX, BET+, STARZ, Comedy Central NOW, History Vault, Hallmark Movies Now, MTV Hits, Cinemax, and more. In its announcement on Monday, Roku said that its channel guide is a "completely new experience" for The Roku Channel.

The on-screen guide shows available content in a traditional channel grid, including the channel, show, episode details, time it will be available, and a preview. At this point in time, Roku says that around 36 million households have used The Roku Channel and that it is home to more than 100,000 titles.

Live free content currently includes news, TV shows, movies, kids shows, family-friendly content, lifestyle series like This Old House, Spanish-language programming, and sports content from sources like Outside TV and fubo Sports Network. Users can access the service online through The Roku Channel web player here.