Roku OS 9.3 revealed with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support

Popular home entertainment company Roku has announced its latest Roku OS update, bringing the software to version 9.3. With this, users get access to new and enhanced features, the most notable being 'Works with' support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. As well, Roku has updated its 'Roku Voice' feature with better control for users, plus performance has been improved and more.

The new Roku OS 9.3 update will first start rolling out to 'select' devices next month with the rest of the supported models getting it 'in the coming weeks.' If you have a Roku smart TV, the company says the update will make it your way at some point over 'the coming months,' though more precise timelines for each model aren't available.

Once the update rolls your way, you'll be able to control your Roku device using an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant product, such as a Google Nest speaker or an Amazon Echo product. This control includes video playback, meaning you'll be able to ask Alexa to pause the movie or Google Assistant to skip to the next episode.

In addition to the personal assistant support, Roku has also improved its Roku Voice feature, which enables users to state commands using natural language. With the latest software update, Roku Voice supports more voice commands for things like turning closed captioning on and off, fast-forwarding content, pausing shows, and similar things.

Finally, Roku OS 9.3 will bring faster launch times for some channels and a more responsive home screen, as well as improved boot times for various devices. The company has also updated its mobile app with a new navigation bar, a remote control screenshot shortcut, and rapid toggling between Roku devices.