Roku adds free The Explorers channel with UHD videos for its 8K TVs

In early August, Roku unveiled its first 8K-resolution smart TV, a model that is manufactured by TCL and offered in two screen sizes: 65-inches and 75-inches. The 8K TCL Roku TV is part of TCL's 6-Series lineup, joining the maker's 4K models. The 8K model packs an astounding resolution, but how can buyers put it to good use?

In an announcement today, Roku revealed that it is now offering a new channel called "The Explorers" that features 8K content for the company's 8K TV models. The Explorers features 8K HDR videos centered around planet Earth and all of its stunning environments.

The channel isn't limited to only the TCL 8K TVs; Roku says all of its television models can download The Explorers for free, including the high-definition and full high-definition versions. The Ultra HD resolution content is offered as part of a premium movie library for consumers who have the hardware to play it.

The Explorers presents documentaries featuring Earth, taking viewers on an ultra-high-resolution journey through parts of our planet they otherwise would be unlikely to experience. The 8K resolution gives consumers the chance to enjoy their TCL 8K TVs at their full capabilities, a rarity at this time.

Though most consumers are sticking with 4K models, 8K resolution is quickly becoming a thing. These TVs offer around four times the pixel density compared to 4K UHD models — and, in most cases, consumers can only use them to watch upscaled 4K content. The lack of content options combined with the hefty price tags attached to 8K TVs makes them less than ideal for the average consumer, though they're on the market for those who want to be on the cutting edge.