RODE Wireless GO now comes in white and with new accessories to match

It was around this time last year when the audio experts at RODE unveiled the Wireless GO, claim to be the industry's smallest wireless mic system and the first in the company's new wireless range. It expanded that line a few months later with a partner Lavalier GO to keep things more discrete. Now it's exploding that wireless family with not one but four new members, including a clip and, ironically, a wireless handheld microphone.

RODE launched the Wireless GO mic to be the go-to solution for on-the-go content creators, especially those that need a portable and discrete tool that doesn't get in your way, physically or visually. The Wireless GO's and Lavalier GO's default black color may go with many kinds of clothing. That is except white and light clothes that will make them stand out instead.

That's what RODE's two new wireless products are for. The Wireless GO White and Lavalier GO White feature the exact same quality performance and sleek looks of their darker predecessor, this time in a hue that looks good even under bright light.

There are times, however, when you might ironically need a very visible, which means big, microphone to hold, often for reporting to-camera or interviewing someone in the field. The new Interview GO is the accessory made exactly for that purpose, providing the Wireless GO with a sturdy stick and high-density windshield to make it look more like a traditional mic.

While the Wireless GO and Lavalier GO work together for a discrete setup, there might be times you only have the Wireless GO on hand an want to get as close to the source of the sound as possible. The tiny MagClip GO makes that possible, conveniently and securely slipping the magnetized under any clothing or even clipping to an object. Pricing and availability for these new wireless RODE products will be announced closer to availability.