RODE VideoMic NTG brings new NTG5 shotgun tech to an on-camera mic

Just last month, the audio experts over at RODE launched the NTG5, its most advanced shotgun mic to date. But while such large and powerful audio recording equipment always has a place in someone's arsenal, some users may need something lighter and more compact but won't skimp on quality in exchange. That's where the new VideoMic NTG comes in, continuing a 15-year line of on-camera microphones, this time with some of the perks of the NTG5 shotgun.

The NTG5 changed the game by throwing out the linear slots you'd find in shotgun microphones, adopting acoustic perforations on its annular tubing instead. This delivered uncolored sound recording and a highly-directional polar pattern that focused on the audio that you want to be recorded, not the ones in the background.

The VideoMic NTG takes that and adds its own set of enviable features. That includes a unique infinitely variable gain control on the mic's rear to let users choose the output level they need or want. A safety channel that records at -20db acts as a backup, in case the main channel clips in the middle of a recording. And a built-in battery offers more than 30 hours of recording before needing to be charged quickly via a USB-C connection.

Despite its smaller size, the VideoMic NTG fits almost every recording need in existence. While designed primarily for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, it's light enough for smaller cameras and even smartphone rigs while also rugged enough for boom poles. It can automatically switch between TRS and TRRS to switch seamlessly between cameras and mobile devices and can even act as a USB mic for computers.

The RODE VideoMic NTG bills itself as the Swiss army knife of microphones for every need and occasion. And at only $249, it isn't something you'll have to think hard about to add to your professional equipment.