RocksteadyXS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Promises Impressive Battery Life

With temperatures in many parts of the world starting to warm up with spring on the way, a lot of people are already thinking about hitting the beach, swimming pool, or lake. A lot of those people will also be looking for devices that help them bring music and other entertainment options with them wherever they go. A company called Killer Concepts has unveiled a new Bluetooth speaker promising an impressively long battery life called the RocksteadyXS.

The company promises that this Bluetooth portable speaker has over 10 hours of battery life per charge. The Bluetooth speaker uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology and supports the iPhone, iPad, iPods, Android devices, and anything else with integrated Bluetooth. The speaker offers impressive levels of volume with 100 dB of high-quality sound. Killer Concepts says that the volume output makes this one of the loudest speakers on the market in the category.

The speaker system has a rugged aluminum case and its lithium-ion battery can be swapped for even longer runtime. Devices that lack Bluetooth can also be played using the RocksteadyXS thanks to its integrated 3.5 mm input and USB port. All of the controls for changing tracks and more are located on the top of the small speaker.

Also on the top of the speaker are LED indicator lights to show what mode the speaker is in. The speaker will be available in various retail stores this month with an MSRP of $99.99. The speaker can also be purchased online at and other locations.

[via Killer Concepts]