Rockstar Editor will let you stage your dream GTA video clip

GTA V for PC is here, but it seems that Rockstar has something more for fans of the franchise on computers. Along with the release of the PC version of the title, the game developer will also be including the Rockstar Editor. This handy little tool will allow players not just capture and relive some of their best moments and stunts in the game, it will even let them cook up their own action sequences, in case what they find in game is just not quite to their standards.

No, the Rockstar Editor is not a tool for modding GTA V, though that is an activity that is easily associated with PC games. They might as well have called it "Rockstar Director", because practically that is really what it lets you do. OK, the app is also a video editor technically, but it doesn't really capture the essence of the power that it gives players.

At its most basic, the Rockstar Editor can record lets you record footage in-game at the touch of a button. But more than just a simple replay tool, the Editor really lets you edit the clip, add filters and effects and even a dramatic soundtrack the better fits the mood of your video. The Editor, however, takes it a notch higher. If the game's scripted scenes don't do it for you, then make your own. Like a directory, you have almost all the tools, props, characters, and even weather conditions at your disposal.

All that work, however, will probably be for naught if you don't have an audience to witness your creative genius. That is why the editor will let you easily upload your masterpiece to YouTube and the Rockstar community for everyone to gaze at.

The Rockstar Editor is already available and will work both with the GTA V PC's Story Mode as well as GTA Online, which could make for an interesting collaborative video production.

SOURCE: Rockstar