Rocket League comes to Xbox One this month

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 2, 2016, 10:22 am CST
Rocket League comes to Xbox One this month

I’ve personally never been much of a fan of soccer, whether it’s watching it on TV, or playing it in a video game. However, developer Psyonix realized that what the sport needed was a bunch of rocket-fueled cars to liven it up. The game has been limited to the PC and PS4, however, that will be changing very soon.

Xbox One owners have been wondering how long they will have to wait to get behind the wheel of one of Rocket League’s crazy cars. While the developer has been saying that they’re working on versions for other consoles, today we finally have confirmation of when the game will be making it’s way to Microsoft’s console.

Thanks to a tweet from the official Rocket League account, we know that the game is currently going through the process of getting certified for the Xbox One. They’re hopeful that it will be released in mid-February, which isn’t far from now, at all.

If you’re on the fence about some weird soccer/racing hybrid game, I’d suggest giving it a shot. It’s rather addicting, and only costs $20.

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