Rock Pegasus P210 ultra-portable notebook – not for performance fiends

James Allan Brady - Apr 4, 2008

Clearly weight was the main concern in this notebook. It’s a 12-incher aimed at competing with the MBA and X300 and Portege R500, and it’s made by a company in the UK, and it sucks.

It has an 800MHz Dothan Pentium M processor, its about a 4 year old technology, it comes with a meager 1GB of RAM, an FSB of 400MHz and an 80GB PATA HDD operating at 4200 RPMs. The display is a paltry 1280×800 and is driven by some integrated Intel graphics.

There is no optical drive, but there are 3 USB ports, a gigabit Ethernet jack, 802.11 a/g/n, Bluetooth, and optional 3G HSDPA connectivity alongside a PC Card slot, a 4-in-1 card reader, and a VGA port. All of that will cost you £939 plus an additional £117 for the 3G module should you opt for it. So with 3G you are looking at a price over two grand USD, and I’m sorry, but for the performance hit this thing takes to bring you a sub 1kg weight and a claimed 6 hour battery life. I’d take the hit to weight and battery life for a better notebook, and honestly with these mediocre specs I don’t see how it can expect to compete with the MacBook Air considering it’s cheaper and better, unless you require a Windows Vista notebook, which this thing is.

[via reghardware]

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