Rock out with your X-plorer on a Mac

When the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero II made its debut people were excited to find out that they could just hook it up to their PC running Vista or XP and have a fully-functional guitar to use on their PC. This instantly made the game Frets on Fire an even bigger hit than it was.

Sadly, like most things relating to gaming, the Mac was left out in the cold. Thankfully the guys at TattieBogle stepped up and hashed out a driver for Mac OS X that will allow you to hook up your X-plorer to your Mac.

According to some of the people I've heard from, they're having problems getting Frets on Fire to work on older PPC Macs. I don't have an older Mac, so I can't confirm this. Any PPC users out there given this a try yet?

360's Guitar Hero II axe working in OS X, Frets on Fire [via joystiq]