Rock Band to be released November 20th alongside new community page

Fellow rockers, have I got a treat for you! It has been known for some time that Rock Band would be released on November 23rd. We all know this day to be Black Friday, which is the day no one without an important shopping agenda should leave the house under any circumstances. After apparently listening to their fans, Harmonix has decided to change their release date.

For those of you that follow gaming news closely, GameStop has had it right all along. Almost everyone that has preordered a copy from them has been informed that their copy will be available on November 20th, not the 23rd. This is awesome news for all, as many people have a four day weekend for Thanksgiving. That means four long days of eating turkey and rocking out.

Along with that news, we've also received another nugget of joy. Harmonix will be launching a new community site on the 20th that will feature personal and band pages that automatically grab info and from your game so that it can be shared with all. They will also have leaderboards, and classifieds for those looking to replace a member of their band.