Rock Band instruments to be sold separately

James Allan Brady - Jan 25, 2008, 4:05pm CST

I got a copy of Rock Band with all the instruments for Christmas, and other than one weekend where I played for nearly 30 hours straight, I haven’t played much (its hard to get my band mates back together). But one issue we had was the 4th guitar, there were only 3 of us, but if a 4th came along to play, we would have had some issues, and having a duel was out of the question.

Well, it looks like come February 12th you’ll finally be able to by the drums and the guitar each separately for $80 and $60 respectively. But what about the microphone, when will we see it sold separately?

I don’t know why one would need to buy one separately, but its still a good question. Of course you’ll still be able to buy the whole kit with the game, and you can already buy just the game. Now all they need to work on is some way to offer different guitars, oh, and putting that custom made drum and guitar bag in stores would be nice too considering how much of a pain it is to safely transfer both of them without bags.

[via gamespot]

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