Rock Band for Xbox 360 to include wired guitar, PS3 gets wireless

I can bet that I'm not the only one out there looking forward to Rock Band. I have no doubt that the game will in fact Rock. More details of the game are still slowly trickling in, and the latest piece disheartens me, as it means I'll have to stand just a bit closer to my TV than I'd hoped.

While I know that I'm going to spend plenty of time banging away on the drums, I'll still have to shred on my axe from time to time. Unfortunately, since I have an Xbox 360, I'll be stuck with a corded guitar. While the drums and mic will be corded on both the PS3 and Xbox 360, only the PS3 version will ship with a wireless guitar.

I'm really disappointed in this, as I was looking forward to having a wireless controller, and I have no intention of coughing up the dough for an extra guitar just so I can have a wireless one. One can't blame Harmonix for this, as it likely comes down to a licensing issue with Microsoft. You have to pay to use their proprietary wireless technology, so Harmonix is forced to put in wired controllers to keep the cost of the game the same for both systems. Wireless or not, the game is still going to be awesome.

Harmonix CEO confirms Rock Band's Xbox 360 bundle guitar is wired [via joystiq]