Rock Band 4 will finally let you disable the kick pedal

When Rock Band first debuted back in 2007, suddenly everyone and their brother was a drummer. This was the first time that many people had access to a simple drum kit, and could play along with a game. While that was great for a lot of people, there's a bit of a learning curve to get your feet to play nice with your hands. After 8 years, Harmonix is finally making that pesky bass pedal optional.

Sure, if you're serious about your (fake) drums, then there's no reason to disable your pedal. But there are plenty of people who might enjoy the game more, if they didn't have to mess with that one thing. And after all, isn't a party game like Rock Band meant to be fun? What's interesting is that Lego Rock Band actually had this feature, though it never made it into other iterations of the game.

One of the big reasons that the company is putting a focus on this feature is to make it more accessible to everyone. While there are some people who have a hard time coordinating their hands and feet to play the drums, there are people out there that literally cannot operate the kick pedal. Being able to have it auto-play the kick pedal means that they're suddenly able to enjoy this game in a new way.

Harmonix is rolling out a big update on December 8th, which will include this option to disable the kick pedal. Other new features will include being able to chase your friends on the leaderboards for individual songs, more stats, and a bigger focus on letting you know when you've not missed a single note in a song.

VIA: Ars