Rock Band 4 for PC offers every DLC song ever for $2.5k

It's a really big discount that doesn't readily appear that way due to its massive size: those who want all the DLC songs for Rock Band 4 on PC can get them (if the crowdfunding campaign is successful) for a cool $2,500 USD. That reward tier was recently added to the game's crowdfunding campaign, where maker Harmonix aims to raise enough funds to bring the title to PC.

Rock Band 4 for PC is currently up for funding on Fig, a website sort of like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Harmonix is aiming for $1,500,000 in funding, of which it has raised $502,000 with 11 days remaining in the campaign. This week, the company added a new reward tier to the campaign that addresses a big concern gamers have had: how does the PC version deal with DLCs from the console?

Namely, gamers have wanted to know if their console DLC carry over to the PC version, if they were to get it. The concern is that many people have already invested in DLC on a platform other than the PC, and to start over again would be expensive. The sad answer is no, your DLC content will not carry over from your console to the PC.

To make up for this (sort of), Harmonix has a tier for backers that gives them the chance to buy the full Rock Band DLC library for the PC game, of which there are more than 2,000 songs (things vary due to licensing issues). The Collector Tier, as it's being called, is available for $2,500 USD.

All DLC content released for consoles up to the Rock Band 4 for PC launch will be included in the Collector Tier bundle of songs, sans any that might be taken away due to licensing changes. The company says it doesn't have plans to offer this DLC bundle for the console versions of the game, but that it is "looking into it." All of this depends on whether the campaign is successful, though, which we won't know until next month.

SOURCE: Polygon