Rock Band 2 coming in September, for the 360 at least

Chris Scott Barr - Jul 1, 2008

If you guys are anything like me, you’re pretty damn excited about Rock Band 2. Details on the game are still fairly scarce (and will likely remain so until E3), however, we do have an idea of when we’ll see the game on store shelves. Let’s just say that Xbox 360 owners will be a little happier than everyone else.

According to Harmonix, the game is set to ship in September, but just for the 360. It will be shipping for the other consoles (PS2, PS3, Wii) “later in the year.” So why is the 360 getting a head start? Apparently it’s because “Microsoft has been a great partner throughout the launch of Rock Band in the last year and their continued support is instrumental in supporting the more advanced features and cross title compatibility we will have in Rock Band 2.”

I have my own little theory as to why the other consoles, specifically the PS3 is getting hosed here. It might seem a little far-fetched, but bear with me. The Wii and PS2 versions are likely being worked on by a separate group, so a later release is of no surprise. However, why put of the PS3 launch?

Remember back when PS3 users were in an uproar over the incompatibility issues with their Guitar Hero III Les Paul? Harmonix worked hard on issuing a patch that would make the game recognize the LP controller. However, Sony decided to block the patch at the request of Activision. So what if the delayed launch was a nice big middle finger in the direction of Sony?

Of course it could just be that development for the PS3 is going to take a bit longer, and rather than holding back the release of the Xbox 360 version, they are getting at least one out ahead of Guitar Hero: World Tour. Either way, I’m happy to own an Xbox 360 today.

[via IGN]

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