ROCCAT Kiro is the world's first "superdextrous" mouse

If you're right-handed, then there's a good chance that you've never had an issue finding a mouse that fits your hand reasonably well. Unfortunately for the lefties out there, the options are far more limited. Ambidextrous mice have existed for years, but it's rare to find one that specifically caters to those using their left hand. Well ROCCAT has just announced a new mouse that will cater to everyone.

The new ROCCAT Kiro is a modular mouse that the company dubs "superdextrous." No, your spell-check isn't wrong, that's not a real word. However, this new marketing term does fit. To make this mouse "superdextrous" they went with a modular design. Both sides of the mouse are removable, and can be swapped out with one specifically designed for either the left or right hand. Thus, you're able to have a left-handed, right-handed, or ambidextrous mouse.

The mouse also features OMRON switches, a 2D Titan Wheel, two extra buttons on each side of the mouse, and a special sweat-resistant coating. You'll find a Pro-Optic R2 sensor capable of 2000 dpi, and an "overdrive" mode that can give an effective dpi of 4000.

The final level of customization is in the way of colors. You can configure 16.8 billion colors within the mouse's software.You can find the ROCCAT Kiro on sale starting November 27th for a price of $49.99.

Source: ROCCAT