Robovie Is A Creepy Stalker Robot

Sure, his intended purpose is to help lost or confused shoppers, but if this little creeper comes up behind me and asks if I need any help in a Johnny Number 5 voice, I'm going to need more help than directions can give. And if he does it in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice, I'll be in a fetal position crying in seconds.

The bot is capable of "managing" 1000 square feet of space and uses 16 cameras, 6 laser range finders, and 9 RFID tags to monitor a moving crowd and determine if they are lost. Once it determines you are lost, it determines your location with in a few centimeters and then moves over to you and I assume offers to help you find the place you are looking for.

It can monitor up to 20 people at a time right now, so it would be good for a slower hallway in your local mall or maybe a small store. If you are still capable of replying your intended destination, this little dude can hook you up with directions to the store.

[via geekologie]