Robotic legs to help woman run London Marathon

After a freak horse riding accident six years ago, equestrian Claire Lomas was told she would never walk again. But she was determined to go against the odds, and thanks to her determination – and some help with incredible advancements in medical technology since 2006 – Lomas is prepared to walk in the London Marathon tomorrow. She'll be an inspiration for paralyzed medical patients everywhere.

For her, being told she'd be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life was nothing more than a jolt to make sure that didn't happen. It was in 2006 when her horse clipped its shoulder, causing him to move uncontrollably, flinging Lomas into a nearby tree. She was paralyzed from the chest down and also broke her neck, back, and ribs. She found out about a device called the ReWalk, a bionic walking contraption that she humorously compares to the "wrong trousers" episode of Wallace & Gromit.

She had such a desire to walk again, and with the help of friends and family managed to raise the £43,000 (~$70,000) needed to buy the ReWalk. And it worked. Despite all odds, she was walking again, albeit with a robotic assistance device. But even with that, even just a few weeks ago, she was only physically capable of taking about 30 steps. But her inspirational dedication has caused her to break those physical boundaries. She has been walking nonstop, staying at hotels along the way, to increase her speed and bring her back to some sense of normalcy. Isn't it nice to see stories like this?

[via BBC]