Robotic Arm - remote control your way to robot overlords

This little robotic arm comes as a kit that requires some assembly, but once its done you get this badass robotic arm. It can pick up a maximum of 100 grams, it grasp items up to 1.7-inches in diameter, and even has an LED light for night time use.

At the wrist you get 120 degrees of pivot motion, 300 degrees at the elbow, and 180 degrees at the base. It's powered by 4 D batteries plus whatever the remote control takes, which controls the 5 motors inside the robotic arm.

Now, there is some assembly required, but it's clearly aimed at kids, so there's no soldering required. So, you get to build a robot, learn about robotics, and you get this cool little robot arm, I wonder if you can program a few of these to play guitar hero for you? Anyways, they'll be available the 21st of this month for about $60, but it looks like they are only coming to the UK, so you'll have to have it imported.

[via TechDigest]