RoboSapien + Wiimote = Fun Times

Robert Oschler of has made the Nintendo Wii remote work with the RoboSapien robot that is made by WowWee. Oschler is the programmer behind the RoboSapien Dance Machine (AKA RoboDance) piece of software, which at the moment allows you to control the robot using your own voice. 

Above is a video demonstrating some of the abilities of the software working with the RoboSapien. The programmer has noted that it will be released on or by February 1st 2007. The software works on Windows XP and had been awarded by SourceForge in May of 2005.

Recently many mods have been made with the Wii controller including the ability to play Half-Life on a Mac with the controller (a double mod, because you also need another mod to run Half-Life on Mac), and talks of a 'Wiibrator'.

Thanks for the tips Robert