Robonica Roboni-i fully programmable two-wheel robot now available

Robots are cool and the day we can invent a robot that will mow the lawn for me and do all that other crap I don't like doing will be a great day for humankind. Until then we have to make do with much smaller scale robots that play games and let us have fun like the Robonica Roboni-i that is now available to purchase.

The robot is trying to blaze a new category of product Robonica calls "Robotic Gaming" by offering structured game play with friends and online. The robot is available at several retailers for $249.99 including, Amazon, and Hammacher Schlemmer stores. The bot has two wheels and is fully programmable with 16 sensors and four processors.

The RF ZigBee remote control and peer-to-peer protocols allow for competitive game play. The beta launch of the robots online universe is set for November. The online aspects will allow users to earn virtual currency and participate in virtual missions and more.