Robonaut 2 to catch a ride to ISS and Tweet the trip

You might recall back in February I mentioned that GM and NASA had teamed up to design a new robot that is intended to be used for space travel and missions where there is too much danger for humans called Robonaut 2. Robonaut 2 or R2 (George Lucas will be suing any day now) will catch his first ride to the ISS this fall.

R2 will be going into orbit to give NASA a better understanding of human-robotic interaction. R2 will be Tweeting his experience via his own Twitter account @AstroRobonaut.

You can follow the tweets from R2 at the link above. It will be part of the STS-133 mission and you can ask R2 questions without the need for C3PO to interpret for you by sending them to the R2 account with the #4R2 tag.