Roberts Radio Robi

Those probably aren't the three R's your parents told you to learn in school, but they are the three R's that bring you digital radio for your iPod. It also acts as a remote for the iPod, allowing you to control the iPod using this in-line device.

And, like I said, you can listen to DAB radio with it. One of these days we might see something like DAB stateside, but somehow I doubt it.

Anyways, for those that have it, you know how great it is, those that don't, keep guessing. If you don't have an iPod already, then buy a different MP3 player that already has a DAB radio tuner built in, but if you do and just want to add DAB to it, this will do in a pinch. The biggest downside is that this thing will cost you a little more than $100.

'Robi' brings digital radio to the iPod [via crave]