RoadRunner hands-free headset - close, but not quite there

I've seen several headsets recently that use bone conduction to get what was said to you, to you, but they were lacking the voice part that goes on your neck for direct connection to your voice box. Now we have a headset that has the voice box part but some dinky little ear bud for the speaker part, when will they marry the two?

I really want to get my Navy S.E.A.L. on with bone conduction and conduction right from my neck for speaking, I mean, imaging the call quality if you had that combo. However, if you are just going for the look, and not the actual effectiveness of such a system, this should do for your next Call of Duty, Splinter Cell, or Ghost LAN party.

It is Bluetooth connected and would be good for situations where you can hear alright, but talking is near impossible, such as in large crowds, on your Motorcycle, or wherever its really windy (which is usually all your mic would pick up). If you want one, its $79, not a bad price to look like a badass (or not).

[via gadgetreview]