Road Pro 12 Volt Sandwich Maker Will Undoubtedly Cause Death If Used Will Driving

This is a sandwich grill that is intended for use in your vehicle. It has the 12V automotive power adapter (cigarette lighter power) built in and everything, but I wouldn't recommend using it while driving.

It's likely targeted at those who intend to go camping, or if you are going to have an all day outing, not for packing a ham and cheese and grilling it at work, even though I suppose it could be used for that too. Basically it's a really small George Foreman grill, but made by a different company, so I reckon you could probably use it to cook other things as well as long as you had someway of managing the residual fluids that flowed off.

Epic hilarity would ensue if you or someone you know or heard of were to die while trying to cook with this thing while driving. If you want one, and I know you do, they are $19.50 and are available now.

[via DVICE]