Rivian has confirmed its electric vehicles will be delivered next summer

Rivian is an electric vehicle company that has yet to produce a production version of its electric pickup or SUV. The company has assembled some prototype versions of the vehicles, but nothing that could be considered normal production has been made. Many have wondered when the highly anticipated electric pickup and SUV the company has been teasing for years will finally be available for consumers to purchase.Rivian has now confirmed that its pilot production line is in operation at its Normal, Illinois plant. The electric vehicle company says that consumers can expect R1T pickup deliveries to begin in June 2021 with R1S SUV deliveries starting in August 2021. Rivian is pushing ahead with its production plans and promises despite kinks in production due to coronavirus.

As we near production and delivery for the vehicles, we should learn the final pricing for the vehicle and options. The automaker has teased some exciting features with things such as slide-out kitchens behind the cab of the truck, the ability to charge other Rivian vehicles from the battery packs inside the pickup or SUV, and the ability to utilize auxiliary battery packs.

The auxiliary battery packs are particularly appealing as they hold the possibility of adding enough capacity for whatever trip an owner wants to take. Range anxiety continues to be a problem for many electric vehicle buyers.

We do know some specifics about the vehicles with Rivian promising three different battery pack sizes with the largest featuring 180 kWh and a range of over 400 miles. We also know that the SUV will seat up to seven people with the pickup seating up to five. Both can tow over 7000 pounds and will feature up to four motors. They are also touted for their off-road ability.