Ripe Radish garden lights are oddly cool

My wife is big on things that make no sense to me. For instance, she likes those path lights that are too dim to actually light the path to the house. She also wants to plant things that I know she has no intentions of watering, so they die in a few days.

I think the best of both worlds for her would be this Ripe Radish light garden thingy. The concept is a sort of combination of a plant and a garden light. When installed it looks like the top of a radish sticking out of the ground. You can plant a real plant in the flowerpot in the center of the circle.

Once the plant grows, it looks like a giant growing vegetable in the yard or garden. It's a cool device for sure. It reminds me of some genetically mutated carrot that glows with evil power and creates a wererabbit when consumed.