Riot Games teams with Crisis Text Line to support troubled gamers

Riot Games has teamed up with Crisis Text Line to help support gamers who are experiencing mental health issues. The company announced the new initiative on Monday, stating that gamers can seek help by texting "RIOT" to the support organization. The service is available to users located in the United States and Canada — and it is free, of course.

Crisis Text Line is exactly what it sounds like: a line that anyone in the US, Canada, the UK, and Ireland can text to get support without having to physically talk with a stranger, something that may keep anxiety sufferers from reaching out. The messages are confidential and the use of the service is free.

The new partnership with Riot Games doesn't change much — users still text the same 741741 line, but instead of using the word HOME, they instead text the word RIOT. The organization aims to offer support to people who are experiencing a variety of mental health issues, including thoughts of self-harm and suicide, anxiety, grief, bullying, depression, loneliness, and various types of abuse.

The support is given by trained counselors, according to the Crisis Text Line. Riot says that it will spend the next year 'working closely' with the organization to improve its own procedures and policies in ways that support mental health. The company plans to work with other experts to offer similar support options to people who are located outside of the US and Canada, as well.

Anyone located in the UK can access the service by texting HOME to 85258; those in Ireland can do the same using the number 086 1800 280. The Crisis Text Line website has additional details on the service, as well as ways that professionals can volunteer their time to help those in need.