RIM's Blackberry 10 gets new leaked photos

New pictures of what is reported to be Research in Motion's next-generationg Blackberry operating system have surfaced, and they show a platform that looks like a mix of Windows Phone's large home-screen widgets and Android's app selection menu. In other words, it's a Blackberry OS that actually belongs in the 21st century, but the question is whether or not it's too little too late.

The story of Blackberry in the last few years is perhaps the most extreme example of how the mobile market has changed since the introduction of Android and the iPhone. Once considered a behemoth in the smartphone industry, Blackberry is now looked at as ancient and irrelevant. The problem is the company simply did not adapt to the changing environment. It thought it was too big to fail, and even when it started losing chunks of consumers to the Apple and Google alternatives, it had a mindset that at least it would always have corporate enterprise users in its back pocket.

But that strategy didn't work out, as more and more companies are ditching their employee Blackberries and replacing them with iPhones. Now, finally, it has realized that it needs to change its operating system. Not just little tweaks here and there. It needs a completely brand new interface that has no signs of the antiquated Blackberry OS whatsoever. The new images, reported to be exclusively obtained by Crackberry.com, show an OS that does exactly that. But even though it's a huge move forward for Blackberry, it's unclear if the new platform will be truly differentiated from Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. Only time will tell.

[via Crackberry]