RIM Close to Bypassing Ban in India

Evan Selleck - Nov 19, 2010
RIM Close to Bypassing Ban in India

The security issues between Research in Motion and some countries around the world seem to be coming to a close, if a new report from the company is to be believed. In a report from Reuters, the Canadian-based company that built BlackBerry is working on a global standard for security, and not one in particular for each country. The result, RIM hopes, is that all countries can agree on what the company is working on, and therefore calm any security fears that they may have.

In the report, it is said that RIM is focusing on the global standard, instead of just trying to make one country happy at a time. While we know that RIM figured out a way to stay functional in the UAE, the fate of BlackBerry devices in India is still up in the air. While now devices have been banned yet, it seems like India could, if they really wanted to, ultimately turn the switch off, and shut off BlackBerry services at any time.

However, that hasn’t happened yet, and it looks like RIM is confident in the fact that it won’t. Though, they do still have until January 21st to make something happen. They said that they have had several constructive conversations with the Indian government over the last couple of months, and a resolution may be right around the corner. As long as RIM can figure out this global standard, that is.

[via Reuters]

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