RideOn goggles let you ski in AR

Lindsey Caldwell - Feb 26, 2015, 6:10am CST
RideOn goggles let you ski in AR

AR isn’t just for gaming, and recently we’re seeing AR uses pop up in more specialized industries and niche markets. RideOn announced on Indiegogo that it plans to make AR goggles for the skis slopes. If you’re skiing with friends, you can see their locations and call or message them all using their floating AR. There’s no need for an additional device like a Go-Pro because you can take high-definition videos using RideOn’s AR goggles. You may never need a map again because RideOn can highlight the ski lodges and lifts in the distance.

It sounds dangerous, but there is no need to use gestures or turn your head as a controller. The goggles use a floating user interface that you interact with just using your vision. You can even through a virtual snowball at a friend using a sideways glance.

RideOn plans to create the goggles in multiple colors. With enough funding, they plan to create an ability to control music from your phone. It isn’t difficult to get lost skiing at a new resort, and it’s nearly impossible to try and find a friend mid-terrain. RideOn has plans for a turn-by-turn navigation function for easier navigating.

They have already surpassed their initial goal of $75,000 USD. Now, RideOn is well on to make its stretch goals before the closing date of March 21st, 2015. Down the line, they plan to create more sophisticated AR games as early as next winter, which is just in time for the next ski season.

Source: Indiegogo

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