Ricoh G700SE Digital Camera Available in 2011, Features GPS Functions

When Ricoh makes a camera, they take their efforts seriously. Instead of just releasing a digital camera that takes photos, with all those other features that people expect, they go all out in the GPS functions, as well as barcode reading areas. While some individuals out there may enjoy a camera of this nature, it seems that Ricoh has positioned the G700SE as a photo-taker for specific markets, like governments and police departments.

The G700SE is an "upgraded" version of the previously released G700 by Ricoh, and now features wireless LAN support, as well as Bluetooth functionality. The use of GPS and laser barcode reading are extra features, which Ricoh will be selling as extra options. But, by installing the electronic compass equipped GPS unit, users of the camera will be able to add direction and location information to their images. When the user installs the laser barcode reader, the camera is instantly able to read one-dimensional barcodes.

Ricoh mentions in the press release that all of these features make hte G700SE a camera perfectly suited for use with facility maintenance, government agencies and utilities, as well as police departments and fire departments. Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth 2.1+EDR function, the camera can partake in high-speed wireless data communication with other Bluetooth-equipped devices. The camera is also water and dust resistant, too. Pricing is listed at 799 EUR, or about $1,070, and it will be made available for main stream purchase in the early stages of 2011.

Press Release

Ricoh have announced the development and release of the new G700SE water and dust resistant digital camera. In addition to its wireless data communication capabilities, the G700SE can also utilize options supporting GPS functions and laser barcode reader functions.

As an expanded function model of the G700 water and dust resistant digital camera released in 2010, the new G700SE has wireless LAN and Bluetooth functions as standard features and supports the use of GPS and laser barcode reader functions with options.

In addition to the ability to do wireless data transfer to external devices, by installing the internal-electronic-compass-equipped GPS unit (option), it is possible to add position and direction information, and by installing the laser barcode reader unit (option), it is possible to do rapid recognition of one-dimensional (linear) barcodes. These capabilities make the G700SE a powerful tool for a wide range of operations, including facility maintenance (electric, gas, and water utilities; roads; etc.), disaster planning, and other functions of local governments, police departments, and fire departments; photo management in hospitals; production line management in the manufacturing industry; and warehouse management in the transport industry.

Main features of the G700SE:

1. Internal Bluetooth and wireless LAN functions

The camera body has an internal Bluetooth Ver.2.1+EDR function. The ability to do high-speed data communication with a wide range of Bluetooth-compatible devices makes it possible for the G700SE to receive position data from highly precise GPS devices, transmit image data to compatible personal computers and smartphones, etc.

The camera body has an internal wireless LAN (802.11b/g) function. This function supports the "WPS button connection" for easy wireless LAN connection settings.

The G700SE can also transmit images via wireless LAN while receiving GPS data from Bluetooth®-compatible external GPS devices.

2. GPS unit with electronic compass function (option)

The G700SE can use the GP-1 (option) GPS unit which compactly connects to the camera body.

Connection of the GP-1 makes it possible to add position information to the image data of photographs taken. In addition, since there is an electronic compass function, it is possible to record information indicating the direction in which the photograph was taken.

There is also a GPS log function that tracks camera movement.

The GP-1 can be easily attached to the camera body using the tools provided.

With the GP-1 attached, the G700SE satisfies IP64 dust and water resistance performance standards and shock resistance standards for a 1.2 m drop.

3. Laser barcode reader unit (option)

The G700SE can use the BR-1 (option) barcode reader unit which reads one-dimensional barcodes.

Since this unit reads barcodes with a laser beam, recognition speed is fast and the unit can be easily used even in dark places.

The BR-1 can be easily attached to the camera body using the tools provided.

With the BR-1 attached, the G700SE satisfies IP64 dust and water resistance performance standards and shock resistance standards for a 1.5 m drop.

4. Compact and lightweight body that can be carried in a breast pocket

With compact body size of 118.8 mm (W) × 71.0 mm (H) × 41.0 mm (D) and light body weight of approximately 286 g*, the G700SE is considerably smaller and lighter than the previous Caplio 500SE model. (Caplio 500SE: body size 133.0 mm (W) × 78. 5 mm (D) × 74.0 mm (H); body weight 430g).

* This weight does not include the rechargeable battery, SD memory card, and neck strap supplied.

5. Other functions and capabilities from the G700

The G700SE also boasts the high functionality, performance, and ease of use featured on the G700, with functions and capabilities such as water, dust, shock, and chemical resistance; security functions such as password-based camera lock and support for SD WORM (write-once read-multiple) cards; one and two dimensional barcode recognition in the camera unit itself; camera memo function for adding information (audio, text, etc.) to the image data; flash with a maximum range of 10 m; 28 to 140 mm wide-angle zoom lens; mode dial that includes CALS mode; and much more.