Rick and Morty spinoff among new Adult Swim animation plans

Adult Swim has announced four new spinoff shows based on some of its hits, including one pulled from the Rick and Morty universe. The upcoming animation, which will include Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon as executive producers, will be called The Vindicators and revolve around a group of dysfunctional superheroes.

The four newly announced spinoffs will be inspired by or follow characters from the following four shows: Robot Chicken, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, Rick and Morty, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. WarnerMedia says these won't be full series, but rather mini spinoffs that'll feature eight to 10 total episodes.

Likewise, these new Adult Swim shows will be head to various unspecified streaming platforms for viewers around the world. Perhaps most exciting is The Vindicators, a superhero spinoff mini-series based on the hit series Rick and Morty. The show will follow the characters Noob Noob, Crocubot, Vance Maxiumus, Supernova, and Alan Rails.

Joining it will be Alabama Jackson, the time-traveling character made by Donald Faison during a Robot Chicken SDCC panel. This show will come in the form of stop-motion animation, the same kind we see in Seth Green's Robot Chicken.

Finally, the new lineup will also include Aquadonk Side Pieces from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force universe, as well as Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell: The Animated Series. It's unclear when Adult Swim plans to debut these new mini-spinoffs and on which platforms they'll be available to stream.