Rick and Morty live-action promo brings in Christopher Lloyd as Rick

It's no secret that Rick from the popular adult animation Rick & Morty was inspired by Christopher Lloyd's Back to the Future character Doc Brown. Now, years after the show's premiere, things have come full circle with a new Rick & Morty live-action scene: Lloyd plays Rick, and it's every bit as great as you'd expect.

Adult Swim dropped the promo on its Twitter account on Friday; the entire live-action spot is only a few seconds long, kicking off with the familiar green portal. Instead of the animated duo fans have come to know, out steps Christopher Lloyd in a lab coat, his iconic white hair sticking outward, a belch expelled before a full sentence can be uttered.

The tweet didn't come with any details about what prompted this surprise promo — it doesn't appear to be any sort of announcement, and may simply be a fun commercial to drum up attention for the show's new season. Despite that, it's a fun glimpse into the real-life variety of the alcoholic scientist and his timid grandson.

The promo comes just ahead of Rick & Morty Season 5 finale, which will air on Adult Swim on tomorrow, September 5. The promo was joined by a long season finale trailer drumming up excitement for the episode. It's unclear whether the promo is a hint that we'll see a longer live-action scene in the finale featuring Lloyd and his young companion.

According to Rolling Stone, the animated series first started under the title The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti, a spoof of the popular Back to the Future movies. Though Rick & Morty is quite different from the movies that inspired it, Rick retains the familiar Doc Brown-like appearance.