RF Code M220 mobile RFID tracker

This RFID works with any active RFID tags that are running on the 433MHz band. It is mobile, as in you can carry it with you, and it can transmit data to your mobile device (BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Etc.) via Bluetooth.

That means you can buy some of RF Codes active RFID tags, affix them to all your high priced gear in your company, and then use this thing to track/find it, all from your smartphone. Its easy as pie to track your stuff now, and will probably decrease the chances of your gear walking out on you.

The biggest difference between this unit, and others, is that this unit costs $995, where currently, similarly functioning devices are made for large industrial implementations and thusly cost a small fortune. So if you were looking for a tracking solution for your gear, whether you are a small business, a field team, or maybe just for your house, RF Code has you covered.

Mobile RFID Unit Tracks Gear [via PCWorld]