Rezence Wireless Charging Brand Launched By Alliance For Wireless Power

The Alliance for Wireless Power or A4WP consortium is a group of companies pushing a wireless power format. The A4WP consortium was founded by Qualcomm and Samsung and boasts 70 members. The consortium of companies has announced its new wireless power gear brand called Rezence.

Along with the announcement of the brand comes the new logo that will be used on products supporting the hardware. The consortium has also announced a new certification program designed to allow developers and product manufacturers to verify that the products they make meet the charging standard specs.

A4WP says that one of the big benefits of its charging standard is that it supports devices with varied power needs. The charging technology supports devices needing between 3.5 and 16 watts of power. It can also charge multiple devices on one charger.

The consortium claims its wireless charging tech can charge a device in about the same amount of time as a wired charger. The technology uses electromagnetic resonance technology. A4WP says that it will be showing off chargers and mobile products at CES next month.

SOURCE: Computer World