Revue newsletter subscription buttons are coming to Twitter profiles

Twitter profiles will soon showcase a dedicated section for Revue-powered newsletters, making it easy for creators to market their newsletters to followers while similarly making it easy for followers to subscribe to newsletters. The upcoming feature was revealed today by Revue, which was acquired by Twitter back in January.

Newsletters are the big new 'thing' when it comes to online platforms for creators. These services are targeted at writers who want to reach an audience through their own platform, eliminating the need to get a column at an existing publication or launch a dedicated blog.

Revue is one such platform, joining others like Substack and lesser-known options like Ghost. Twitter acquired the platform earlier this year and now we've finally gotten a look at how it will be implemented on the social media platform.

As revealed in the image, Revue newsletter creators will be able to showcase their editorial content in a section immediately below their Twitter profile. The card includes a brief description of the newsletter, as well as the number of people who are subscribed. Followers interested in subscribing can click a 'Subscribe' button directly under the newsletter.

Some questions about the implementation remain, including whether users will be able to easily and fully access the newsletter entirely within the Twitter platform, as well as whether creators will have access to adequate analytics for monitoring their product. Revue newsletters will support for the new Twitter profile promotion feature 'soon,' but no other info has been provided at this time.