Reverge announces cross-platform PS3/PC play for Skullgirls

When it comes to fighting games that aren't Street Fighter or Tekken, they're pretty much a dime a dozen. So in order to stand out, every fighter game that a small studio tries to develop needs to have some sort of really cool distinguishing feature. It could be the art style, the control system, the intensity of violence...or it could be something completely different. Case in point – Skullgirls.

The game is already unique enough in that it has an emphasis on female characters – something that anyone who's ever had a crush on Chun Li will appreciate – but what's more interesting is that it will offer cross-platform online play. So people who are playing the PS3 version will be able to seamlessly compete against those on the PC version. This is something you would never see for an Xbox 360 title, even though Microsoft owns both Xbox Live and Games For Windows Live.

Microsoft has pledged not to offer cross-platform play. The company agreed to a pilot test when Final Fantasy XI was released but quickly decided it wanted its online experiences to be closed off. Microsoft has made some solid arguments about the experience for PC and console games and how they are so different that one side would always have an unfair advantage. Nevertheless, Reverge's game Skullgirls will try to prove that it is possible.

[via Gamespy]