Reusable TV Packaging - Buy a TV, get a free stand

How often do you purchase something large only to find your new product surrounded by tons of packing material that you could never hope to reuse? Probably every time you  buy something in a box. A designer has come up with an idea to reuse those materials in an interesting way.

Say you purchase a nice big LCD TV. Those things are easily broken, so they're going to surround it with foam to keep it safe. What if you could take out that foam and make a sturdy stand for that nice new TV? That would be useful.

While it may be useful, I can't see many people actually taking advantage of it. If I drop a grand or more on a brand new TV, I'm probably not going to want to set it on something that looks like this. It's a great thought, and hopefully this will get people thinking about what other uses to which they can put all of that excessive packing material.

First Useful TV Packaging In History Transforms Into a TV Stand [via gizmodo]