Retina iPad mini tipped for fall release with Samsung components

It's very likely that we'll see an updated iPad mini later in the fall, but rumors about whether or not it will include a Retina display have been flying around like swarms of flies. However, another report claims that a Retina-equipped iPad mini will arrive sometime in the fourth quarter, with the display being made my Samsung.

The report comes from the Wall Street Journal, which says that while Apple has been trying to move away from Samsung in the chip market, it seems the Cupertino-based company will still hold on to the Korean company for Retina displays. We've heard reports in the past that Apple is also signing on LG and Sharp for display units as well.

The report also mentions that the new model will still roll the same 7.9-inch screen size as before, and as we've heard in the past, Apple is also considering introducing different-colored back panels for the next-generation tablet. We've heard tons of rumors already about Apple moving back to their roots with the iPod and adding color choices to the iPad and iPhone line.

Apple has taken steps in the past to become less reliant on Samsung for manufacturing needs, but it was recently reported that Apple and Samsung agreed to a deal to provide Apple with iPhone chips through 2015, which left a lot of people scratching their heads, as Apple has been reported in the past to have signed on TSMC for upcoming chips.

Apple is reported to be using LG exclusively for iPhone displays, by knocking out Samsung awhile back, so it could just be a matter of time before the same thing happens with the iPad lineup. Of course, we're not sure what to expect from Apple, but we do know that they'll most likely be hosting an event later this fall to reveal some new products.