Resistance: Burning Skies PlayStation Vita features and trophies revealed

The latest chapter in the Sony shooter franchise Resistance is coming soon. Resistance will be making its maiden voyage on the PlayStation Vita on May 29. Like many other Vita titles, this one will have an ambitious multiplayer experience that aims to prove that the Vita is worthwhile enough for even iPad and Android gamers to own. And now, there's a new look at what exactly this new title will bring to the table.

Speaking of ambitious, Sony claims that Resistance: Burning Skies will bring a lot of firsts to the table – including the "first-ever dual-analog FPS control on a portable device, the first competitive multiplayer shooter experience on the PS Vita, and the first support for Party voice chat." Sony also revealed that there will be 25 trophies to collect in the game, of course one of which is the coveted platinum trophy for collecting all other trophies.

The Resistance franchise is one of Sony's biggest first-party series, and when it made its debut on the PSP it was one of the most ambitious portable games of the time. This entry on the Vita is going to try to surpass that presence even more. "I know many of you are chomping at the bit to get out there and start taking the war against the Chimera online, so you'll be happy to hear that last week, Resistance: Burning Skies went gold," Sony's Derek Osgood wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

[via PlayStation Blog]