Resident Evil Village timed demo returns to PS4 and PS5 this weekend: When and how to play

Last weekend, Capcom launched an early access Resident Evil Village demo that gave PS4 and PS5 users a timed look at the titular village. That early access demo returns this weekend, only this time around, we'll be stepping inside Castle Dimitrescu to have a look around. This weekend's demo is still timed and still PlayStation-exclusive, so unfortunately, if you thought that the 30 minutes Capcom afforded you last weekend wasn't enough to sate your desire to play, it looks like things won't be any better this weekend.

Still, at least PS4 and PS5 users get to play this weekend. As part of a deal struck between Sony and Capcom, PlayStation owners have had exclusive, early access to the gameplay demo this weekend and last. Those who are playing on Xbox One and PC will have to wait until next weekend to play, and they'll still be time-limited just like the PlayStation users have been.

In any case, we're guessing that Castle Dimitrescu is going to be the appealing part of the gameplay demo for most people interested in Resident Evil Village. While the village seems to be suitably creepy, it's in that castle that players will be stalked by Lady Dimitrescu, the towering antagonist of Resident Evil Village who wields a set of killer-looking retractable claws.

If you played last weekend's village demo, you don't need to download anything else this weekend – simply start up the Resident Evil Village gameplay demo and you'll be able to play through the castle segment this weekend. If you didn't participate in the village demo last weekend, you'll need to download the Resident Evil Village gameplay demo from the PlayStation Store first, which is available to pre-load now.

The demo will be playable from April 24th at 5 PM PDT/8 PM EDT to April 25th at at 1 AM PDT/4 AM EDT, which means you've got a grand total of 8 hours to check it out. You'll only be able to play for 30 minutes as well, so don't dally looking at the scenery inside the castle for too long. Next weekend, the full demo – both the village and castle segments – will be available to everyone across PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Steam, giving those on other platforms the chance to check it out as well.